New Patient Appointment

This initial appointment is 45 minutes with the doctor where they will review your personal health history with you and make testing recommendations, physical exam, and your first adjustment. The cost of this visit is $195 and does not cover any lab fees should you choose to move forward with testing. Please note that for consecutive appointments if you require both a consult and an adjustment they are separate appointments with separate fees. We would be happy to schedule them back to back.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Following your initial adjustment your doctor will make a recommendation on how often you should be adjustment. X-Rays will factor into this decision, and it may be recommended that you should include vibe plate therapy. 

Adjustment cost is $55

Vibe Plate Therapy is $30

X-Ray Reviews are $40

Plan of Care

After we've received your test results we will call you to schedule with your doctor to review the results. They will provide a customized plan of care for you based on those results and your personal health history, and they will review financials with you. We offer several different payment options for you to pick whichever one suits you best. 

The appointment cost is $222


This is a lifestyle change and can be daunting to make these changes. We have found patients to be more successful when they follow up with their doctor within 2 weeks of implementing the changes recommended in their plan of care, and then we follow up with appointments every 4-6 weeks. 

The consult visit cost is $222

Are you a New Patient?

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Initial Visit - $195

Plan of Care - $222

Consults - $222 

Sports Physicals - $55

Chiropractic Adjustments - $55 

Vibe Plate Therapy - $30

X-Ray Review - $40

Re-Examinations - $90

We do offer discounts on bundled pre-paid visits. You will be presented with these options at applicable appointments.

Payments received by card will result in a 3% processing fee. Avoid the fee by paying by cash or check.

We reserve the right to charge a no-show fee for any appointments that are missed, or last-minute cancellations. We ask for 24-hour notice on cancellations or to reschedule any appointments.

If you find yourself in an acute situation in need of an adjustment outside of office hours there is an $85 charge in addition to any service charges. Appointments will be at the doctor's discretion.

Food allergy results can be overwhelming, or simply a different diet from what you may be used to. Shelby Maxwell, FNTP, offers a bundle of appointments once a week for 5 weeks designed to help you understand and be successful with the changes you will be making in what you eat. She will break down food families, substitutes, gut health, recipe ideas, how to read labels, a sugar fast, and more! 

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