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Our Office


If you are interested in chiropractic, and would be a New Patient, the cost for your first appointment is $150. Please visit this page for a brief overview on what to expect at your first appointment.

Adjustments for established patients are $55.

In the interest of serving families, we do offer a family plan through ChiroHealthUSA.

Parents and at least one child will need to be under care for your family to be eligible. For $49, your family will be covered for a year--adults at 5% discount, children under 19 at 50% discount, and legal dependents (ages 19-22) at 20% discount.

Medicare/Medicare Advantage Plans

We are non-participating providers for Medicare/ Medicare Advantage. We will submit your claims for you and they will forward to your secondary insurance. However, you are still responsible for your fees at the time the service is provided. Medicare will only cover a portion of the office visit if they consider it Acute and under Active Treatment. Medicare will mail any payments to you directly.


We do not participate with any insurance company. If you would like a super bill to submit for reimbursement by your insurance company, you will need to let our office staff know. If doctors' reports, narratives or recoding are necessary for you to receive benefits, additional fees may apply. These will vary based on what is requested.

Consultation charges cannot be billed through insurance. For lab work, we have cash pricing negotiated with the labs. Often the cash pricing will save you more money than billing your insurance, as most co-pays are more than triple the cash pricing.

The Wellness Way

We are happy to announce that we are a Wellness Way Affiliated clinic, and offer testing and consultations to help you in your journey torwards health and wellness. You can find more information at , and information on pricing is avalable here.

If you wish to become a Wellness Way patient, we ask that you attend one of our events. The doctor will answer some of the questions you may have, and prepare you with some for your first consult with one of our doctors. You can find information on upcoming event dates here.

If you are not an established patient at our office, and would like both chiropractic care and Wellness Way appointments, we ask that you still attend The Wellness Way Approach to Inflammation. We will give you a discount off of your first visit, and you will save time in the long run.