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Upper Cervical Blair Technique

I would like to share with you how Upper Cervical Chiropractic is an effective tool in both regaining and maintaining health. Forgetting preconceptions about Chiropractic, Medical and Chiropractic experts agree that electrical and chemical messages control, monitor and maintain all body functions, including health and healing. These messages leave the brain via the brain stem through the neck and continue down the spinal cord and throughout the entire nervous system to all parts and systems of the body. If there exists a misalignment of the upper cervical bones, the transmission of these messages can be disrupted due to pressure on the brain stem. Disrupted or distorted brain messages allow pain and/ or health problems to develop. As an Upper Cervical Chiropractor, my objective is to restore Head/Neck alignment and re-activate the efficient flow of the brain’s healing messages to the body so that the affected parts can naturally self-heal and maintain optimal health.

Head/Neck misalignment (Body Imbalance) can cause problems in any area of the body. Any part that cannot communicate efficiently with the brain will develop health problems. When there is pain, sickness, or suffering, always check for Head/Neck misalignment to determine if the brain is efficiently communicating with all parts of the body. This can be seen by a tilt or rotation of the head, uneven shoulder or hip levels, or an uneven gait. For more information on Postural signs of misalignment you may visit When a Head/Neck misalignment is corrected and body balance is restored, messages can once again flow uninterrupted to affected areas. This allows muscles to begin to relax immediately, blood and oxygen circulation is increased, the immune system is enhanced and the body’s natural healing process begins. This method of correction is done without twisting, popping or cracking the neck. IT is a precise correction given by hand performed on a special table.