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Office Updates

We'd like to welcome Dr. Jessica D. Smith to our office! Dr. Jessica hails from Wentzville, Missouri, and graduated from Logan in 2014. We're so thankful for her, and her passion and heart to help people reach their fulleset potential.

With growth comes change, and we are excited for these changes. A big one is we are moving offices! Don't worry, we're not going far. In fact, we're moving right back across the parking lot. For those of you who were patients in 2015 and before, you'll remember! Our new address is:

2401 Bernadette Dr Suite 209

We are seeing patients at this location starting September 14th, 2020.


The Wellness Way Appraoch to Inflammation

Inflammation... you hear the term a lot, but reall, what is it? What is going on in the body when something gets inflamed? Is inflammation the root of your illness? How harmful is chronic inflammation? How do you correct the problem naturally?

We would love the opportunity to show you a different way... a unique way of approaching your health conditions and symptoms that has helped countless people feel better, think better, and be better - helping them re-write their life story.

Latest dates and ticket information can be found at

We love to hold these events because, not only is it a great way for you to learn and grow in your own journey, but we get to spend time with you and build these relationships and this culture right here in Columbia, Missouri. Will you join us?

Cholesterol: Medicine's Biggest Scapegoat

Since the 1950's we have all been deceived. We have been made to beleive that cholesterol is the primary cause of heart disease, and saturated fats in the diet are to blame. That just isn't true!!

Come uncover what real science has been trying to tell us all along. Let The Wellness Way's approach be your guide for detecting, reversing, and better yet preventing heart disease!

Grab your free tickets at before they sell out!

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