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The Wellness Way Pricing

Here at The Wellness Way Columbia we want to be up front about what each service may cost you, and if it is billable to insurance or not. This way you can make the best decision for you and your family.

New Patient Appointment - $295.00

This appointment would be for patients who have never been to The Wellness Way Columbia, and are intested in both chiropractic care and testing. This appointment typically lasts 30-45 minutes with the Doctor, and about 15 minutes to get checked out. You will need to complete all 3 steps of the New Patient Paperwork to be scheduled for this appointment.

Adjustments after this are $49 and are seperate from any consults.

FAQ Read - $150.00

This appointment would be for patients who are either already under chiropractic care, or who just wish to get tested. This appointment typically lasts 15 minutes with the Doctor, and 15 minutes to get checked out. You will need to complete steps 2 and 3 of the New Patient Papework to be scheduled for this appointment.

Plan of Care - $260.00

After we have received your test results, we will call you to schedule with a Doctor to review any test results, and they will provide you with a customized plan of care for you based on those results and patient history. This appointment typically lasts 30 minutes, and 15 minutes to get checked out.

2-Week Appointment - $150.00

This is a lifestyle change, and can be confusing or difficult when making these changes. We have found patients to be more successful when they follow up with a doctor within 2 weeks of implementing changes recommended in their plan of care. This appointment typically lasts 20 minutes.

Patient Education & Nutritional Counseling - $200.00

Sometimes the Food Allergy results can be overwhelming, or simply require a different diet from what patients may be used to. Depending on patient preference, we find most people would like to schedule this at the same time as their 2-week follow-up. This appointment will be with Shelby Maxwell, and is tailored to each individual's test results. She breaks down food families, substitutes, gut health, recipe ideas, and more! This appointment typically lasts an hour and a half.

Follow-ups @ $300.00 each

Follow-ups are critical to healing and returning to normal function. This is a journey, and it can be difficult. You will see results and changes, and you may see side effects, both positive and negative. Not only will follow-ups keep you honest and on track, but the doctor also needs to know where you are and stay updated with you. These are typically once a month unless otherwise specified by the doctor.

Supplements - Range $10.00 - $199.00 each

Supplements can aid in decreasing inflammation and assist your body in healing and proper function. They are based on individual lab work, and should be followed as directed by the doctor. Ideally, nobody stays on supplements long-term, but that is dependent on how faithful the patient is at following doctor recommendations, and on the body itself. It can take 4 months for most red blood cells in your body to turn over, and can take 5 months for your liver to turn over. The body takes time to heal.

Diagnostic Testing (Lab Work)

Lab work is based on the individual and varies greatly in price. If you would like to run a lab but are not a Wellness Way patient, there is a $100 processing fee.

Some lab work is billable to insurance, some is not. We will let you know, and walk you through how to do that if it is.

Prices will be gone over with you by a staff member when ordering labs.

Consultations to go over lab results and discuss plan of care are NOT included in the price of the lab test.

We would be happy to provide a printout listing exactly what you have paid for.

Services Not Billable to Insurance

Insurance companies do not allow any services provided to be billed. If you have an HSA (Health Savings Account) they will allow for reimbursement. The number of consultations necessary is based on the individual. Once test results are received, a staff member will meet with you to determine approximate pricing of your care plan, and offer a discounted pricing on bundled services. Please talk to a staff member for more information.