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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my new-patient appointment?

Chiropractic patients will only need to complete paperwork ahead of time, or arrive 15 minutes early to complete it in the office. We do not submit to insurance, so you won't need your insurance cards, unless it's Medicare. If you are on Medicare, we still collect at time of service, but we will then submit to Medicare and they will reimburse you the portion that is covered.

Wellness Way patients need to bring the completed and signed Signature Pages from Step 2, and your lab records from the past 2 years.

How long will my first appointment last?

Your first chiropractic appointment will last about 30 minutes. This includes the doctor reviewing your medical history and intake paperwork, an evaluation and examination, and your first adjustment.

An FAQ review appointment will last about 15 minutes with the doctor, and 15 minutes with the front desk to go over labs with you.

Are my appointment charges billable to insurance?

No. Chiropractic visits may be submitted by you to your insurance for reimbursment if you have out-of-network coverage.

Financial information for The Wellness Way is available here. Visits, labs, and supplements may all be paid for with an HSA.

Will there be a potential for lab work, and if so, how are labs billed?

You must be a Wellness Way patient for one of our doctors to order a lab for you.

Lab work results are very important and will assist the doctor in determining the plan of care. If prior lab work has not been completed, our doctors may recommend lab testing at your first appointment. This typically involves blood work or test kits.

Several lab companies offer insurance billing, and others are cash only. If insurance billing is available, the lab company will bill the lab to insurance, but it is your responsibility to check your insurance coverage. If labs are necessary, additional testing and billing options will be discussed at the time the patient receives the lab.

Will I need supplements, and if so, how long will I have to be on those supplements?

This depends on what your labs look like. Any supplements chosen by a doctor for the patient is for a specific reason based upon what the doctor has seen on the test results.The doctor will get into further detail about the supplements ordered for you at your second appointment.

The intent is always for the patient to eventually lessen the number and/or dosage of supplements, but the timeline for this is different for each patient and is based upon how faithful the patient is at following doctor recommendations, and upon retests. Often improvements are seen by 3-6 months and again at 9-12 months. However, results may take longer if the patient fails to implement the dietary recommendations, and is dependent on how closely they follow supplement recommendations.

Due to quality control, we cannot refund opened or refrigerated supplements.

What happens after my new-patient appointment?

After we receive your test results, we will call you to set up your next appointment. At this appointment, the doctor will go over your test results, your plan of care, and give you an estimate for length of care. Once again, this is dependent upon test results and how closely the patient will follow nutritional and supplement recommendations.

A staff member will meet with you to discuss financial aspects and discounted plans.